Welcome to Baker Hearing – 2116 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA 31204

Baker Hearing located across from Riverside Ford and Red Lobster in Macon provides a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing assessments and rehabilitation, education, and counseling. Our clinic also fits and dispenses sophisticated hearing aids and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and life styles. Assessments regarding the level of amplification that would be best suited to our patients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation by a qualified hearing health care professional.  Your family has a new home for Macon hearing aids.

Finding Our Location is Easy

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit. If you need help finding our office just click below to receive step by step directions from your door to ours.

2116 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA 31204

What Can I Expect From My Hearing Aids?

You can expect that after you have adapted and learned to use them properly (usually 4 to 8 weeks), many “speech sound” benefits from hearing aids will become available to you. You can expect your ability to perceive speech correctly will be enhanced. You can expect most conversations will be much easier with the hearing aids. You can expect more relaxed hearing, more confidence and more satisfaction from your conversations. Additionally, you can expect to hear warning sounds more readily with the hearing aids, than without!

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